Course Syllabus

ASU1: Teach and Learn Cooperatively

In this Autonomous Study Unit (ASU), the following aspects will be examined with regard to critical broadening of knowledge in relation to:

  • new ways of teaching and learning cooperatively;
  • the conditions and competences needed for cooperation;
  • the importance, for learning, of relationships between group members in the cooperative environment;
  • understanding of indispensable aspects for applying Cooperative Learning Group Methodology (CLGM).

Creative reflection in relation to:

  • contemporary educational challenges;
  • the role of cooperation in the learning process;
  • the fundamental principles and stages in the application of Cooperative Learning Methodology;
  • the relation of the group to learning;
  • the role of the teacher in the Cooperative Group.

Putting theory into practice the participants

No Lessons Cooperative Activities
1 Teaching and Learning in a Cooperative Way a) My Pedagogical Practice
2 Fundamental Principles and Application Stages b) CLGM Experiment
3 Teacher in the Cooperative Learning Context c) Cooperative Learning Survey
4 An Application Model d) Conceptual Maps
Learning Systematization
  • My Personal Teaching Framework
  • My Current Teaching Plan
  • My Proposal for Cooperative Learning Group Methodology (CLGM)