Course Syllabus

ASU4: Educational Use of Telematics Networks

The aspects to be studied in this ASU are Critical broadening of knowledge in relation to:

  • the different ways of teaching and learning with telematic networks;
  • the potential for interaction between telematic networks and Cooperative Learning Group Methodology;

Creative reflection in relation to:

  • virtual communities and Cooperative Learning;
  • different ways of using the Internet in the classroom;
  • the importance of Cooperative Learning in the various types of communication in a network;

In putting into practice the participants will employ the cooperative use of Internet potential as a strategy for renewing educative practice.

No Lessons Cooperative Activities
1 Telematic Networks and Communication a) Internet Resources in Education
2 Social Dimension of Learning and Telematic Networks b) Participation in Online Discussion Forum
3 Working in Virtual Environments c) Moderating Online Communications
4 Asynchronous Communication in Networks d) Network Communication for teacher-student interaction
5 Synchronous Communication in Networks e) Conceptual Map on Teaching Discipline
6 The Internet and its Potential for Research f) Internet for Research and Publications
7 Publication on the Internet g) Educational Website Review
Learning Systematization
  • Design, Develop and Review a Course Website
  • Educative relationship in the Salesian style
  • Innovative Pedagogical practices
  • Innovative ways of ICT in Education