Course Syllabus

ASU5: Final Project Works

Throughout this Autonomous Study Unit (ASU), the following aspects are essential namely

  • Critical Increase in Knowledge, through the following topics:
  • the action of a higher-education teacher in the daily life of a classroom;
  • teaching plans in all their phases.

Creative Reflection on

  • professional experience in university teaching with regard to the theory learnt in the four previous ASUs;
  • the possible changes that could be made to your planning, with a view to implementing Cooperative Learning and Educational Technology, within a Salesian framework.

Putting in to practice re-drafting plans for the discipline, for units and lessons that are indispensable for the teaching profession, so as to have at the core of these plans cooperation among students and between students and the teacher, and to use Educational Technology in the Salesian style. Creating and applying evaluation and self-evaluation forms so that the teacher and learners can reflect on the teaching and learning process, on the content and methodology adopted, on teacher-learner interactions and learner-learner interactions in the university environment.

No Lessons Cooperative Activities
1 Examination One: CLGM Applications 01.Title Page
02. Summary (Abstract)
03. Introduction
04.Conceptual Framework (CLGM)
05.Reformulated Teaching Plan (Discipline/Course Plan)
06.Unit Plan(s)
07.Lesson Plan(s)
08.Evaluation Forms
09.Comparative Table
11.Bibliographical References
2 Examination Two: CLGM Evaluation
Closing Onsite Meeting (Pre-Certification)
3 Examination Three: Personal Work Products