Course Syllabus

ASU3: IT in Education

In this ASU, the following aspects will be examined with regard to critical broadening of knowledge in relation to:

  • the different ways of teaching and learning with IT resources;
  • management of IT in higher education;
  • the epistemological premises that help in practical use of IT in Education

Creative reflection in relation to:

  • the world of IT;
  • the different ways of using IT in education;
  • the various epistemological premises that support practical use of IT in education;
  • The role of the teacher in terms of the different variables involved in managing IT in higher education;
  • The importance of Cooperative Learning in its daily application.

In putting theory into practice the participant will carry out teaching practice with IT resources, from the point of view of cooperation and to boost the learner-subject’s self-confidence.

No Lessons Cooperative Activities
1 IT in Education a) Critical analysis of using IT resources
2 Management of Information Technology in Education (Part-1) b) Traditional and innovative uses of Information technologies
3 Management of Information Technology in Education (Part-2) c) Information Technology Plan for Education (ITPE)
4 Epistemological Presuppositions d) IT in Pedagogical Practice
5 Didactic-Pedagogic Approaches e) Conceptual Map on Teaching Discipline
Learning Systematization
  • ITPE-CLGM Analysis
  • ITPE Implementation Framework
  • IT Infrastructure in Educational Institution